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The success of production company "Sever" is not only beautiful stickers on nameless accessories, but about our working at levels that are unattainable for others; about our careful attitude to everything we touch: products, employees, customers. That gives us the confidence in the further development.

For 4 years, the company has grown 60 times and produced more than 400 airboats, some of them are used abroad. The number of the produced boats gives us all advantages of the conveyor and allows to monitor the quality of each model hard-lookingly. The breakthrough of this year was the opening of the new workshop to produce the all-terrain vehicles with the low-pressure tires.

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The "Sever" was created in 2014 by Andrey Parshin - a fan of hunting and fishing. His dream-boat was supposed to be on the top of everything existing in the market of the water technology. That way was born the purpose – creating the ideal transport: passable, reliable and comfortable.

The production in 2014 consisted of a small team of the alike-minded people in an office of 200 m2. Most of the manufacturers the airboats remains at this level. But since the very beginning we set ourselves strong ambitious goals. The first boats were created for "ours", the assembly of one boat took 3-4 months. As soon as the market saw our quality and sensed our approach - the demand began to grow rapidly. A year later, the "Sever" occupied 5000 m2. At the beginning of 2018th, we grew to 12,000 m2.

For these years, the team has grown. Throughout Russia we searched for the most highly professional specialists: welders, benders, cluerers. People, who just knock on a metal with a hammer - we left them for our competitors. The team was collected - amazing, all our employees rooting for the result, and for us they are our pride not less than our production! Moreover, we don’t look at another’s developments, going ahead due to our own ones. Engineers improve constantly the market’s lead models and develop new ones.

Nine major models of the airboats offered by "Sever" today - are the result of the painstaking and verified work. Almost every model has modifications. Of course, we also work on individual orders. Do you need an airboat-bus for 16 people? Or a special model for the permanent work in the Far North? Order is accepted!

The premium airboats of the company "Sever" – is the real breakthrough in the world of the water technics!

Our production is always advanced and progressive technologies, which can be assessed visually: high-quality welding seams, glue seams, high-precision parts made on the ultra-precise CNC machine, credible units and assemblies.

We spare no resources for the most courageous experiments. Developments of the modifications, replacement of materials, and improvement of all indicators are the daily work of our engineers. Forget about the maximum 60 km / h, for our transport the record is 187 km / h, now. For 35 seconds!

More about production

The quality and the reliability are the paramount importance. Using gasoline (from 290 to 525 hp) and diesel (from 265 to 370 hp) engines solves issues of the cargo capacity, passenger capacity, and speed easily. We are the first who combined the all-welded aluminum housing with the inflatable one. On one hand, it gave strength and rigidity, on the other hand - excellent depreciation of the entire structure. We are constantly scanning the world market and we are using only the best materials: Italian aluminum for powerplant housing, German boat PVC fabric for cylinders, American fabric for all types the running and parking awnings. It is assembled in our place, with careful Siberian hands.

We don’t hesitate to say that each new airboat has an original solution besides its basic equipment: installation of the marine radio with volume acoustics in the cockpit or the picnic area on the loading platform (kitchenette with a sink in the set). For each of your ideas, we likely answer "yes!".

For whom is our technics? For hunters and fishermen, amateurs of the outdoor recreation, and for representatives of various government agencies, whose work is with natural resources: nature reserves, national parks, environmental organizations, the Rosselkhoznadzor, emergency services, and government inspections of the small craft. Rate the premium class airboat "Sever"!

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The delivery of the “Sever” airboats is carried out in any region of Russia and the CIS

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We can say with all confidence today there is no a place on the map of Russia and the World, wherever we couldn’t deliver our technics.

The main thing is your choice of the Premium class "Sever" airboat, and we’ll help you to choose the way of the shipping and to choose a transport company!

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