The production company "Sever" guarantees the quality and reliability of the manufactured products in compliance with the operating rules, which are set out in the "Operating Manual" (transmitted to the customer with the purchase).

We guarantee the elimination of the defects caused by our fault, identified during the warranty period - 12 months.

The warranty does not cover the occurrence of the defects as a result of:
- improper or negligent storage and transportation;
- independent (without written consultation or our help) changes in equipment, and configuration of the products (connection the additional parts, repositioning of the parts, etc.);
- non-compliance of the operating rules, which are set out in the "Operating Manual".


The contract prescribes the method and procedure of the payment for the purchase. Forms of payment cash or bank transfer are both available. You can pay for the purchase immediately, use leasing (leasing rates are calculated individually) or installments.

Installment plan:

60% of the cost - within 5 working days from the date of signing the contract,

20% - 30 calendar days after the first advance payment,

20% - no later than 3 banking days before the transfer of the purchase to the customer and the signing of the acceptance-transfer act.

Please pay attention:

The price of the purchase in the signed contract is final and can not be changed.

The price established in the contract does not include the transportation costs of the shipping the purchase to the customer's location.