Phantom 750K

from 98 500 $

This airboat is a car on the water, it reflects the nature and the status of its owner. The Phantom 750K is a full-size “jeep”, prestigious, passable and comfortable.

Passenger capacity
Up to 6 people
Cargo capacity
Up to 1800 kg
Power from:
430 hp
Fuel consumption from:
35-90 l/h
Max. speed:
Up to 100/150 km/h
over water and ice

This airboat is a car on the water, it reflects the nature and the status of its owner. The Phantom 750K is a full-size “jeep”, prestigious, passable and comfortable. Due to this approach appeared the unusual in form and filling model of the airboat with the rigid cabin “Phantom 750K”, it has the windshields with the negative angle of the inclination. The entrance to the cabin is in the middle. In addition to the unusual design, it gives an increased in useful space, and an advantage when it runs in a rainy weather. Here are provided all “comforts” of the “Sever” company’s boats with the cabin. The original front seats for a driver and a front passenger with the lateral support are installed inside. The rear seat is solid. The side lockers are laid out in the sleeping places. The Phantom 750K, like its “open” prototype Phantom 750, has modifications. Phantom 750K2 is the version with the narrowed cabin and has two exits on the sides. The bow platform has no broadsides, on the sides are the increased reinforced guard rails. Phantom 750K2+ model is the Phantom 750K2 with the extended front cargo area for transporting of the small-sized vehicles - snowmobiles, ATVs, and other “cross-country vehicles”. All models can be equipped additionally with “gangway” for the arrival of the technics.

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Aerolodka Phantom 750K meets the requirements of GOST regulatory documents

Length Width Height
7,55 / 2,45 / 2,5 m
Dry weight
1200 kg
Cargo capacity
Up to 1800 kg
Passenger capacity
Up to 6 people
Dimensions of the front platform
1,9 / 2,1 m
Choice of Engine
Engine Photo

The price (of the boat) with the engine

Max. speed
Basic equipment
  1. Inflatable boat hull made of the high-strength PVC fabric (cylinders and bulwarks)
  2. All-welded aluminum hull of the propulsion with attachments for inflatable boat hull
  3. Longitudinally transverse frame motor
  4. All-welded aluminum propeller protection (fence)
  5. Air screw 3 or 6-vane
  6. Vertical control keels
  7. Bottom protection kit made of polymer material
  8. Metal control panel with steering column and steering wheel
  9. On the control panel: the ignition switch, the throttle control handle (gas), the emergency shutdown button with the check, the control switches of the engine and the on-board system (switch of the heater, the headlights, the navigation lights, the wipers), the lighter, systems of the engine: the complex device with the counter of the motor-hours and the tachometer, the temperature indicator of the engine, light-emitting diodes of the oil pressure in the engine, the indicator of the engine overheat and charge level of the battery, the indicator of the level of the petrol, two buttons of automatic switches the "mass" of the engine with the LED-indicator.
  10. Two soft sea seats (for a driver and a passenger), both sides of the door
  11. Glove compartment in front of the passenger seat
  12. Soft, solid seat with a soft backrest for passengers, for 3-4 people
  13. Side lockers with the seats, folding as beds
  14. Aluminum all-welded fuel tank for 300 liters
  15. Front, side (sliding) and door glass "Triplex"
  16. Driver and passenger’s windows wiper
  17. Front cargo platform and cockpit floor with the non-slip polymer coating
  18. Soft furnish of the cockpit elements – carpet
  19. Battery (2 pcs)
  20. Navigation lights
  21. Water heaters «Zenit» (2 pcs)
  22. Autonomous interior heater Eberspacher Airtronic
  23. Headlights Pro Light (2 pcs)
  24. Interior lighting (hood) (4 pcs)
  25. Sunroof
  26. Back mirrors
  27. Pole
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