How one "Hunter" closed all our needs and didn’t even blink with his headlight

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29 May 2018

The first cars are often problematic: I didn’t expect I would need the parking sensors, wish the volume of the engine be bigger, my wife talked into the automatic box. Oh, if I knew in advance!..

Krasnoyarsk company "Sever", engaged in constructing the premium class airboats, for the whole spring has put at the head of the strategy only one goal - to make your first airboat an ideal purchase. Is winch necessary? Does the soft salon worth its money? What should be on the front deck?

The first-class engineers, designers and mechanics have already solved the rebus and related questions are ultimately solved in this may with one model - Phantom 650 "Hunter". A six-meter arrow flies across the surface of the water at speeds of up to 120 km / h, and recalling the april exhibition, this water bolide also accommodates 5 passengers with full equipment. The company jokes - with such parameters should organize the team competitions in the fast fishing.

Well, without fictitious athletes looking at the issue seriously - whom is this thing for?

"Hunter", supporting its name, offers to customer all conditions for the comfortable hunting, folds the potential in the hands of an inveterate fisherman and becomes a mobile base for an extreme tourist. Whether it's serious arsenal, kilograms of procurement, a company of like-minded people or even an auxiliary equipment, like a small quadricycle – the engineers of Sever claim that a brisk boat (friendly remind, this model has older, almost 9-meter brethren) will cope with a serious load and won’t blink with its headlight.

In the spring of 2018, the hypothetical customer won’t even have to choose from a number of pre-packaged sets (tell me right away, what is the main hook of Toyota 1 UZ-FE) - they will get everything at once. Plus, the manufacturer is already traditionally open to know-how: a built-in bathroom or heaped electronics inside the cabin - whims which immediately are taken to work, as only a future owner thinks of them.

Add to the package "all inclusive" the unprecedented support of new and old owners, reports about assembling through messengers and shipping anywhere over our country. Once the pluses are appearing so many, so it is a slight shame for walking - it's time to water! And as about us, it was enough of a single run on the charged Phantom to fall in love with this life-on-the-river.