Production company "Sever" enters the market of all-terrain vehicles

Production company "Sever" enters the market of all-terrain vehicles

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June 2018

Siberian "Sever", is known by the premium class airboats, in this april began to produce a new kind of the technique - ATVs.

The all-terrain vehicles of the Siberian brand "Sever" by the type of their water brothers got the name "Sever Trucks".

The decision to start such production was made quickly, but deliberately - properly functioning workshops and constantly growing opportunities were ready for extended using and, it was clear, these demands were crowned with the success.

For the interested ones in extreme tourism, the rest on the wild nature and the serious hunting - this is a gift and the comprehensive solution to a number of the problems. On all models are installed low-pressure tires which can deal with any surface: from mud bumps to insane mountain tops, from swimming across rivers and to loosen snowdrifts. To confirm these words, the final run-in was done in the Stolby reserve. With a capacity of 3 to 6 people with the equipment, the cars boast a consumption of 15-20 liters per hour for two tanks the 70 liters each one. The presented packages have variants with both diesel and petrol versions of the fuel system.

On average, the weight of the body is about 2000 kg, but it doesn’t prevent to accelerate these "monsters" to 80 km / h along the route. On the Internet, drivers are already uploading videos with appropriate names and they can’t be blamed: to see in the stream a car 3 times higher and one and a half times wider than yours, which is also overtaking - this is a good story even for friends far from extreme tourism.

All-terrain vehicles SeverTrucks appeared suddenly, but already became the pride of our automobile industry. How long have we seriously discussed the product made in Russia with the wheel and wheels and we weren’t ashamed of it? The technique is completely developed and assembled in the workshops of Krasnoyarsk and the first orders are already being sent over the country.

But issue of the security mustn’t be forgotten. The team assures - the quality of the assembly and the increased quality control inherent in their airboats are fully transferred to the terrain transport production. The test drives are documented on the video, so, you can readily believe that.

This year at the special event "Hunting. Fishing. Hobby." SeverTrucks welcomed the guests at the entrance to the exhibition center. Perhaps, because of the impressive dimensions three five-meter epic heroes just couldn’t fit inside the pavilions, but even so they stole the attention from their direct relatives. The habitants of Krasnoyarsk were able to see themselves the quality and the efficiency, and, traditionally for all the technique "Sever", to register for the test drive. All appearances - this proposal is successful, today there is a waiting line from the wishing ones.