The possibility of buying "Sever" products with leasing is a step for the whole market

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April 2018

Let's make clear the reasonability of this strong statement.

Boasting a loan is a dubious thing, but it is important to dig deeper, as the matter here is in the specifics of the property. Water transport, and in particular airboats, doesn’t inspire banking organizations - this technique is in the list of the high risks. We agree, to give a loan for a seven-meter unit weighing a ton, which, according to the creators, drives the water and ice at the speed to 150 km / h – isn’t the most reliable investment of funds.

To obtain the consent of the leasing organizations for such a risk venture, the manufacturer must prove the reliability of the technique. Here you can rely on the prefix "premium class", which uses "Sever" to all their models. Premium - this is not leopard seats and boxes with expensive champagne opening when jazz is playing (although the company likes unusual challenges and individual requests). First of all, such a word implies the unprecedented reliability, which is ensured by assembling everything in local workshops. Over all years of the company's existence, no customer has harmed due to the negligence of the assembly or the questionable quality of the materials, and the scrap percentage of the parts tends to zero. A creditor believes in statistics, these indicators are the weighty argument.

There remain questions to organizations permitting to buy such a dangerous, from their point of view, technique. A major player in this market, which already has 70 branches in the most economically developed cities of Russia, became a partner of the Krasnoyarsk airboats and off-road vehicles under the leasing program. Today, it means the customer isn’t limited in the geography of choice (friendly remind the technique is delivered all over the country and even beyond it) and has for selection a number of programs and package offers for formalization.

But who is he - this customer? Fisherman, hunter and extreme tourist - this is just the tip of the target audience of airboats. Often, state and commercial organizations become our customers: rescue services, coast guard, industrial companies, and companies providing supplies to villages cut off from the large land.

It expands the idea of the leasing, gives scope for variations to other companies. Until recent time we’ve looking looked at the rattling boats assembled by the craftsmen in their own garages and couldn’t think this technique is capable of anything more than an advantage in fishing. Today, with the serious approaching and accumulated experience, we have a company capable of providing the visual solution and the technically solution, absolutely serious technique for satisfying any needs of any client. Here and now.

It seems the "Sever" once again confirmed its own slogan and overcame the next difficulty.

It wouldn’t be superfluous to remind, the airboat "Hunter" in the configuration "Comfort" is sold at the price of the base, now. And we know, the package is an important and expensive thing, by the analogy with good cars. This is a good reason to get acquainted with the technique on the test drive!