Individual projects from the manufacturer company "Sever"

Phantom 750 Lux

The development of the model was ordered by the customer who already owned the "Sever" 650 airboat. His main demand was to add the Phantom family's front platform to the existing spacious saloon. The engineering department decided to implement this project on the basis of Phantom 750 - they moved the front console the 40 cm to the bow. The customer chose the central location of the door. More about Phantom 750 Lux.

Phantom 750 PK

The model is a logical extension of Phantom 750Lux. There is designed the upper protective console in addition to the awning. In the summertime, it protects the driver and passengers from sun, rain, and wind. More about Phantom 750 PK.

Phantom 750K2

This model is a symbiosis of two airboats. A large front platform and a showroom of the executive class of the Phantom model, and the location side doors from Phantom 850. It allows to place cargo close to the front wall of the hull. More about Phantom 750 K2.

Phantom 750 Tourist

The model is made on the basis of Phantom 750. Here you can see both a full-sized showroom, and a spacious area. The customer chose the location of the door on the left. More about Phantom 750 Tourist.