Phantom 750Lux

The price of the airboat “Phantom 750 Lux” with the contract engine Toyota 1UZ-FE 290 hp is 2 850 000 (Two million eight hundred fifty thousand) rubles.

The package includes:

  • Inflatable boat hull made of the high-strength PVC fabric (cylinders and bulwarks)
  • All-welded aluminum hull of the propulsion with attachments for inflatable boat hull
  • Longitudinally transverse frame motor
  • All-welded aluminum propeller protection (fence)
  • Air screw 3 or 6-vane
  • Vertical control keels
  • Bottom protection kit made of polymer material
  • Metal control panel with steering column and steering wheel
  • On the control panel: the ignition switch, the throttle control handle (gas), the emergency shutdown button with the check, the control switches of the engine and the on-board system (switch of the heater, the headlights, the navigation lights, the wipers), lighter, systems of the engine: the complex device with the counter of the motor-hours and the tachometer, the temperature indicator of the engine, the light-emitting diodes of the oil pressure in the engine, the indicator of the engine overheat and charge level of the battery, the indicator of the level of petrol
  • Two soft sea seats (for a driver and a passenger)
  • Glove compartment in front of the passenger seat
  • Soft, solid seat with a soft backrest for passengers, for 3-4 people
  • Aluminum all-welded fuel tank for 340 liters
  • Front, side and door glass "Triplex"
  • Driver's window wiper
  • Front cargo platform and cockpit floor with the non-slip polymer coating
  • Soft furnish of the cockpit elements
  • Cargo platform railings
  • Battery
  • Navigation lights
  • Paddle

Reduction Gear

Drive from the engine to the air propeller transmits through the lowering, single-stage, cylindrical, helical gear reducer. The gear housing is made of the high-strength aluminum alloys. The gears undergo the chemical-thermal treatment and turning-over, are high wear resistant and durable. The connection to the motor shaft is via the elastic coupler integrated with the flywheel.